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"The bond between two men can be so passionate that sometimes a woman -- a woman like myself at least -- can feel left out. It's unsettling."

- Lady Gabriel on Raphael and Michael's relationship

Lady Gabriel is Lord Raphael's wife and one of Lucifel's lovers.


Gabriel comes from a noble family, which is one of the reasons Raphael chose to marry her. She attended military school alongside Michael, Raphael and Lucifel, and became Lucifel's friend and Raphael's girlfriend. She later admitted that she had feelings for Lucifel and engaged in a brief relationship with her. After they graduate, she married Raphael.


Gabriel has mid-length hair with curly ends and bangs. Her wings are white but her hair colour is unknown. Her eyes are implied to be blue.


Raphael describes Gabriel as "cheerful and kind, and never in the way". Though she does not have much "screen time", she is shown to be upbeat, friendly and empathetic. In her younger years, she had moments where she is very emotional, such as the time she and Raphael tried to have sex for the first time or when Lucifel broke up with her. Gabriel is very understanding of Raphael's feelings for Michael, just as he was of her feelings for Lucifel, and is content with her life.


Love Interests


"I'm truly happy! And I owe it all to you. I love you best of all! Next to Lucifel.." - Gabriel to Raphael


Raphael is Gabriel's husband. They met at military school and began dating, likely due to Gabriel's inability to confess to Lucifel at the time. They agree to marry despite loving other people more than each other. Even so, they still love one another and Gabriel, in particular, seems content with their relationship as it is.


"Lucifel...please. If you don't hate me then please kiss me." - Gabriel after confessing to Lucifel

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Lucifel and Gabriel became best friends in military school. Over time, Gabriel developed feelings for Lucifel and after a bad night with Raphael, she finally confesses her feelings to her. They engage in sexual intercourse despite the death penalty for homosexuality and date for a period of time afterwards. Lucifel suddenly breaks up with her one day then disappears.