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"Objection! It is not a crime. What's so wrong about two people loving each other?" -

Kagetsuya, on trial, Vol. chpt. 2

Kagetsuya is the deuteragonist of  Earthian. He is an angel of Eden who became a minus checker and sees humans as selfish and ignorant. He is also Chihaya's best friend, partner and lover.


Kagetsuya was fortunate enough to come from a prestige household. He is the child of the noble Sakura family and is widely admired for his traditional beauty and impressive grades. Not much is known about his home life, but he expresses that he dislikes his father (The Fruit of Eden) and his mother is never mentioned.

He met Chihaya when the black angel first started as a freshman at his military school. Though they are different in many aspects, they managed to become friends and later on, partners. His dislike for the Earthian leads him to choose to be a minus checker.


Kagetsuya is around 19 years old. He is tall and slim, but possesses wide shoulders and a masculine physique. He has the traditional features of an angel, namely blond hair, blue eyes and white wings. As a human, he keeps his hair short and neat. As an angel, his hair is curly, almost messy, and cascades down his back. It is the general consensus that Kagetsuya is beautiful.


Kagetsuya may be described as tsundere. There are many times when he comes off as harsh and bad-tempered. This is usually because of his partner, but even when he's yelling at Chihaya, it's obvious that he cares about him. Aside from his occasional outbursts, Kagetsuya is calm and mature, and often ends up saving or aiding Chihaya in his reckless pursuits. Very few people have been able to make Kagetsuya care so much about them.

Like most other angels, he also bears a strong resentment towards the Earthians, who he believes are irresponsible and selfish. He is more mature and focused than Chihaya, and often ends up having to go to the aid of his partner. His specialty lies in bird calling and the healing arts.

Kagetsuya is a very popular angel.He and everyone else thought that Lord Micheal would adopt him. At first he was extremely hostile towards Chihaya,and constantly belittled him because of his feelings and appearance.He has to constantly fix problems that Chihaya made and save him when he gets into trouble.

Kagetsuya takes great pride in his ability to cook. Each time they relocate on Earth, he learns to cook something based on the culture.


Love Interests


"Show me a smile. I always loved you best when you were smiling." - Kagetsuya to Chihaya

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Chihaya is Kagetsuya's main love interest.