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"What's there to be afraid of? Even if I die only halfway through my mission, others will take my place afterwards." - Janice on her mission

Janice is a human astronaut that worked at the Kennedy Space Center. She is one of the few characters to pass away during the manga's run, though she, admittedly, was not a prominent character.


Janice has mid-length curly hair that she wears in a low ponytail, held together by a small bow. She is seen wearing a blazer over a button-up with folded sleeves and a knee-length skirt.


Janice is a "romantic". She has a very dreamy and optimistic view of her job and felt no fear about the notion of dying on her mission. She's cordial with Chihaya and encourages him to bring Kagetsuya to the centre sometime. She comes across as an all-around joyful, friendly and idealistic person.