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Earthian is a shounen-ai manga series written by Yun Kouga. It tells the tale of two angels, Kagetsuya and Chihaya, as they observe the Earth in order to help decide the fate of its inhabitants.

For billions of years, the angels of Eden have watched over the beautiful planet called Earth. However, as more and more time passes, they begin to grow wary of the "Earthian's" destructive ways and decide they need to make a decision: either destroy or preserve humanity. In order to do so, Archangel Micheal sends several angels to Earth to measure the Earthian's behaviour using pluses and minuses. If the plus checkers manage to gather 10,000 pluses (positives) before the minus checkers get to 10,000 minuses (negatives), then Earth's inhabitants will be saved. Otherwise, they will be destroyed.

Chihaya is a young orphan who was born with black hair and black wings. He is the only inhabitant of Eden with these features and as a result, he experiences some prejudice and hardship throughout his life. However, at 17, he is adopted by Lord Michael and later becomes a military personnel. In this way, he becomes a plus checker in order to defend the Earth he loves so dearly. Kagetsuya, a wealthy and beautiful angel who he befriended in school, accompanies him in the observation. Unlike Chihaya, he holds a deep disdain for the Earthian and goes as a minus checker. Despite their differences, the two develop a close and intimate relationship.

As the series progresses, the angels start having other problems to worry about, such as The Black Cancer and dropping reproduction rates. The Cancer causes an angel's wings and hair to turn black, turning them into a Lucifer (fallen angels) and eventually leading to their death. Only plus checkers develop cancer and the angels don't know why or how to stop it.

There is still hope, however. Despite his black features, Chihaya continues to maintain a healthy body. His mutation may be the key to finding a cure for the epidemic. Unfortunately, he is so wrapped up in his love for the Earthian that he may very well become a Lucifer before they figure things out, or even worse, turn against his mother planet.

About Earthian (OVA)

J.C.Staff produced a 4-episode OVA adaption of Earthian. It hints at many aspects of the manga but isn't accurate to its source material.



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