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This wiki is about the shōnen-ai manga by Yun Kouga that was later turned into a J.C.Staff-produced anime OVA.

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This wiki is about the anime/ova Earthian. Earthian is about two angels, Kagetsuya and Chihaya, who help play a part in Earth's fate. If there are more pluses (positives) than minuses (negatives) in the 'Earthians', then Earth will be saved. If there are more minuses then Earth will be destroyed. In this series the angels start having other problems to worry about such as cancer, drugs and dropping reproduction rates. Only plus checkers develop cancer so far and the angels don't know why. The cancer and/or use of drugs, cause an angels wings and hair to turn black, turning them into a Lucifer (essentially an angel that has turned their back on Eden for Earth, as far as can be gathered) and then they eventually die.

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